Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Darkforge Uprising Spoiler Roundup

Another large card set is upon us, and abundant spoilers are being scattered to generate excitement for the citizens of Solis. Battlebranded has taken up the mantle for providing a compilation of all the new spoilers so that you can view them in one place.

He's big, he's bad (in the good way), and he will kill you fast. Acting like an Ebonskull Knight style creature in player level one, and requiring an answer for it's later ranks ensures that people will try to brew around this beast of an insect.


Plunder Imp
This card is amazing coming in at rare. It will be an instant draft and constructed staple, shutting down a large number of popular cards before they even hit the board. Hopefully this will help to stop Pion's raging over
 Herald of Destruction.


Forgewatch Sentry & Flowsteel Carrier
Two creatures with a relevant tribal type, and synergy with armor abusing cards like Aegis Knight. What's not to love? 

Spoiled here

Spoiled by Eon and Pion on stream.

Shroudthorn Splicer Mimic Token

The Darkforged
A fascinating new tribal class. Perhaps coming out due to Amadan's assault on Tarsus that occurred in the last two campaign missions. Similar to the Ally tribes of Magic's Zendikar block, these guys will produce better results if other Darkforged hang around. Each of the ones spoiled comes from a different class and different rarity - suggesting the incursion of the Darkforged has only just begun.


Dream Tree
A tree of hope and dreams, additional plays have always been a very powerful thing in Solforge, and Dream Tree has that to offer in spades.

Zombie Dreadknight
A synergy effect with any cards with regenerate, and an anthem effect to all zombies, including iteself, when Xrath is in play. This card may push zombies out of casual tribal and into the competitive realm.

Further support for armor and robot subthemes. Making your team just a little more resilient going into your opponent's turn, while providing a solid body itself. Just hope there aren't any unspoiled cards that would make Stasis Warden decks more viable

Blood Boil
While this card works best as removal after-combat, poison triggers at the beginning of the turn and can make this a powerhouse removal spell in UT decks running Malice Hermit.

Valifrax, Iztek's Champion
A dragon that works for everybody's favorite Tempys Khan (sorry Korok). An interesting balance between consistency and power, where the more you play him the more spells get shuffled into your deck.

Pummel Pack
Strictly better Tech Upgrade, this card can have a strong showing after a boardwipe, or in a deck focused around Ambriel or Alloyin Highlander. 

Ignir, Khan of Ashur
A new Tempys forgeborn that focuses on random targeted effects. Triggering at the end of turn means that Ignir will almost always get one shot off before dying, in addition to providing his (slightly underwhelming) body to the field. We'll see how people try to break him once set 6 drops, but I've already heard whispers of putting him in a Stasis Warden deck.


Alyssa, Strifeborn
Hide your Malice Hermits Alyssa ain't having none of that.

Xerxes, The Executioner
This guy is interesting. Solid body out of the range of most Tempys removal. Boardwide debuff - but be careful, it also hits your non-Nekrium guys. If he survives his ability will impact the game heavily.

High attack, working good as an underdrop, as well as increasing the survivability of your other dinosaurs makes Mosstodon a force to be reckoned with. A staple for everybody who loves to draft dinosaur tribal.


Ariadne, Spider Queen
The second Nekrium legend for this set is interesting. If you can get a chance to play her spiders she can become huge. 

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