Saturday 5 December 2015

How to Conquest Solforge

Hey, Pwndnoob here. With the Conquest Tourney coming up I want to discuss what you can expect in the conquest tournament and how YOU can have success in this peculiar format.

For anyone uninitiated with the Conquest format this is a 3 deck format that specifies that you cannot bring more than 3 copies of any card. Additionally, you can not bring more than one deck from each faction combination (No two U/T decks, e.g.). Most interestingly, this format specifies that you must win with each deck you bring, so to defeat someone you must win with all three deck you bring (for a max 5 games). With no further ado, let's discuss the important cards.


Dozer the Dormant:

Except the Bear, don't wake him up. Dozer will appear as a 3-of in one of the majority's players lists. U/T will be a valuable slot and Dozer clearly excels in that shell, with the U/T pairing being very aggressive like Dozer and easily triggers Dozer's anger issues. Others will play Dozer in U/N with a Big Dumb Animals build, with Scourge Hydra, Immortal Echoes, and a lot of fatties.

Preparing for Dozer is difficult, because hate cards are tough to come by. Plunder Imp, Demonweb, and Justicar come to mind but many strong players would rather just play their own Dozer vs. Dozer match up.

Lucid Echoes:

Lucid Echoes, the true centerpiece of majority of control. Alloyin was arguably the losing faction in the major patch, but control thrives The Lucid Echoes control decks are very powerful, and quite popular. In this particular format, particularly, if you only play one Alloyin deck you likely are bringing Lucid Echoes. A/U is going to be the most common, but I've had success with A/N and been beaten enough by A/T to know we could see some variations.


This is a well-informed hunch. Ignoring personal preference, the two factions I expect the most are U/T and A/U. That leaves Mono-Nekrium, which has a strong build that doesn't share many or any cards with a lot of decks (U/N Dozer excluded). 

Mono-Nekrium definitely makes my list of Top 10 decks but isn't insanely OP. However, I would like to remind you all of the Top 4 decks from last conquest has Heraldbomb. Heraldbomb wasn't the same tier as Mono-N or A/T Burn but because U/T was otherwise unused it became very popular. A deck that has satisfactory to good match-up with every deck, uses a large set of powerful cards not being used in other popular decks, and familiar with veterans should be seen.


Likely Sets:
  • U/T Dozer- U/A Control- Mono-N. No shared cards, 3 powerful decks and good variance.
  • U/N Dozer- U/T Ator Aggro- U/A Control. You sacrifice Dozer in U/T but there are plenty of good aggressive decks. Overuses Uterra, but lots of strength.
  • Three Aggressive Decks. Only have so many Dozers and Windsparks but having 3 decks that can blow out control decks is a valid strategy.

  • Play decks you know. This is a format where bringing a dud is a surefire way to get owned. The quickest way to bring a dud is playing something you haven't played before. You can't afford a couple of losses to learn your "totally OP deck".
  • Pick on one deck. In TCG Hearthstone they have had tournaments with a similar format, and one particularly polarizing deck built around the card Grim Patron  in Warrior, effectively a combo deck. Players had a lot of success not bringing Grim Patron, but instead picking decks that countered Grim Patron, sometimes going 2-0 down while opponent avoided playing their Grim Patron deck but eventually getting the 3-2 sweep with their counter-decks. In this tournament, playing 3 very aggressive decks to beat Lucid Echoes may pay off greatly.
  • Think hard about which deck you want to lead. Getting the first win is very valuable.
  • Prepare for the mirror match-up. Other than being the more skilled player or getting to go first which you don't have much control about (unless you work for SBE) you have to rely on minor nuances in deck building to win mirror matches.

In conclusion, this article is an elaborate trick to force a particular meta, looking to guarantee a meta where Epoch Hawk Mono-Alloyin Metaminds can thrive. Best of luck in your Conquest of Solforge! 

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