Friday 26 December 2014

Decktech with Seyfert: Nexus Core

Oh Nexus Core Oh Nexus core...

"It's bigger on the inside"

Intro to the deck 

It's the holiday season and what better what to celebrate than with a new deck? Since 4.1 release I've been messing around with a couple of decks. I liked the Ator rexless dinos deck I had for a while but it seemed to not do as well against growide strategies. After I got my relic hunters, I decided to try to make a deck with Shambler and hunter (loosely based off Kit's Aetherguard deck). Customary of Seyfert, I decided to throw in a Nexus Core (because I can). As of writing this article, I'm 25-7 in the conQ with it, although I expect figures to drop once people actually figure out what I'm doing.

Deck list

So what does the list look like and what are the cards?

3x Xithan Shambler
3x Relic Hunter
3x Vault Welder
3x Citadel Guard
3x Abyssal Brute
3x Oreian Scavenger
3x War Tinker
2x Xithian Direhound
1x Nexus Core

3x Aegis Wings
3x Gauntlets of Sulgrim

Deck list Explanation

"Everyone has nightmares. Even monsters under the bed have nightmares.
What do monsters under the bed have nightmares about?
 Xithian shambler is a card that can win you games fast if it gets out of control. If your opponent lets it live to activate its ability, it's likely that they're going to get to kill it on their turn simply due to the large numbers of huge guys in your deck to boost its health. Shambler gets even better with a relic scout upgrade, giving him a buff to stats and armor for survivability, and breakthrough for killing potential.
"You will be upgraded"
 Relic scout is a free creature that comes with your Relic Hunter. The only time you don't play them is if your opponent has an Anvillon Arbiter on board. They work as upgrade fodder for your Oreian Scavenger and Vault Welder, and also as tools to upgrade Shambler, or to give that Citadel Guard breakthrough if you already have something else to upgrade Vault Welder with. An important fact to note is that you don't always have to replace him the turn you play him. Sometimes it's better to not upgrade things you're playing on 1 turn so you can replace him the next turn with something better instead.

"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules"
War Tinker is sort of like a worse Relic Scout. She makes your next robot free, but doesn't do much otherwise. On the plus side she does have better attack stats than relic scout and is better when you have to play something to block your opponent without upgrading.

"...who had fought with gods and demons, why he had run away from us and hidden: he was being kind"
 Vault Welder serves as a big body which can be used to upgrade the health of your Xithian Shambler or Relic Hunter. If that's not an option, it can also  It can also be there to turn on your Citadel Guards and make them absolute monsters for your opponent to deal with.

"2000 years. I've waited 2000 years for you."

Citadel Guard does the exact same thing as Vault Welder, except instead of turning on something it is the thing that gets turned on.

"Upgrading is compulsory"
The scavenger is not meant to be played without the upgrade unless you really need its power to chump block because for some reason you didn't draw any of the other huge bodies in your deck. It's included in the deck as a means of removal via gauntlets. Also it can get pretty silly against certain decks if you slap on enough armor because it's just so hard to remove.

This is the main removal of the deck and although the lv1 doesn't really do much on its own, when combined with Aegis wings and Scavenger it will kill almost anything. The level 2 will also likely give your Shambler enough armor that it will be unkillable until you win the game.

Abyssal Brute is why you play Shamblers in lanes 4 or 2 if you open lane one. He's not that useful in lv1 most times, but he does help to give your Shambler and Relic Hunters a double buff as well as a point of regeneration. If you manage to do that with level 2 Brute you're typically set to win as well.

"Because she's not fat. She's just bigger on the inside"
This card is here because Seyfert is a Seyfert. Feel free to replace it with other cards, but it's here because it's a robot with a big butt for shambler to eat.

"Are you my mommy?"
The Relic Hunter is something you don't really want in your deck but you have to play because you really really want the Relic Scouts. That said, he does have some purpose in the forms of being able to turn on your defenders when you don't have that Vault Welder handy, as well as providing a double buff to your Shambler if you need it.

"The beast and his armies will rise from the pit to make war against God."
Good early game removal as well as providing a body for Shambler to eat sometimes. It's no Citadel Guard but sometimes when the other options are Relic Scouts and Scavengers you'll want to eat the hound.

"Demons run when a good man goes to war."
Aegis wings on a Shambler lets it move around and kill whatever you want, while at the same time protecting it with added armor goodness. The setup you want with this deck is to Relic Scout a Shambler into eating a Citadel Guard then playing Aegis wings on it. Then you win the MVP and everything is awesome!


This deck is quite voltronish and you'll want to win by PL2 if possible. The longer the game drags on the less likely it is that you'll win. Although if you do get the huge Citadel Guard + Vault Welder draws you can still make it.

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