Sunday 19 October 2014

Specific Card Analysis #3 (Alloyin Highlander)

Today's Specific Card Analysis is.. Alloyin Highlander. Really? Really guys? The one troll option in the poll, and naturally everyone jumps on it. *sigh*

Anyway, on to the analysis..

Alloyin Highlander is a very unique creature in the sense that unlike other creatures, while they may disagree and get into bar fights every now and then, they still fight alongside each other like total bros, Mr. Highlander however, is so anti-social that he refuses to fight properly in the presence of company.

From this, we can infer that:

  1. We need to pump our dear Highlander to do things.
  2. Removal of opposing creatures is imperative, none shall stand in the way of the Glorious Highlander.
  3. If the opponent plays Phytobomb, the correct play is to hit that concede button.


Lysian Shard

Make big creature bigger, its as simple as that. The Overload aspect of it also makes it more likely you actually see our one true glorious leader, Alloyin Highlander.

Energy Surge

Given that the only creature you're really aiming to play only Highlander, you can level this pretty easily with the use of cards like Perilous Insight, makes it more likely for us to draw Highlander, and buffs to keep him nice and healthy.

Warmonger's Mod

Given that Alloyin Highlander's high (hah.) attack is one of its saving graces, doubling or even tripling it seems like a valuable prospect.

Jet Pack

Lets Alloyin Highlander fulfil its lifelong dreams of seeing the all the lanes, also allows you to actually hit them in the face.


Your one creature against the world, the Armor granted by Highlander shrugs off most of the damage dealt to it, making it pretty easy to obtain value off. Also, Phytobomb is no longer a snap concede play. Fire beats grass after all.

Example Decklist

Disclaimer: I do not claim any responsibility for any tickets lost, tears shed, or monitors broken.


3x  Alloyin Highlander 


3x  Warmonger Mod 
3x  Energy Surge 
3x  Perilous Insight 
3x  Jet Pack 

2x  Botanimate 
3x  Metamorphosis 
3x  Lysian Shard 
1x  Feral Instinct 
3x  Seal of Deepwood 
3x  Verdant Grace

And that concludes a rather agonising painful episode of the Specific Card Analysis, I hope you've enjoyed and have a look at the next SCA, Byzerak Frostmaiden.

1 comment:

  1. They are a lot of Nekrium cards that the Higlander love : all the cards that make you sacrifice creatures (or creatures that sacrifice themselves). Sure, you can't give breakthrough to your Highlander, nor mobility, But you have a better board control. And you can play something if the opponent can kill your Highlander easily.