Sunday, 19 October 2014

Specific Card Analysis #4 (Byzerak Frostmaiden)

In the fourth edition of the Specific Card Analysis, we will be looking at Byzerak Frostmaiden, the second Allied card in the series so far.

While moving around and sapping the attack of opposing creatures is a powerful ability, Frostmaiden does not truly become frightening until level two and three, hence, Frostmaiden optimally serves a win conditon as opposed to an underdrop, although its ability to reduce a creature attack can still prove useful underlevelled.

As always with Allied cards, a minimum of 12 Tempys cards are suggested, with 14 to 15 being a more optimal number.

Several notable qualities of Byzerak Frostmaiden include:
  1. Even at higher levels, Frostmaiden often struggles to finish off weakened creatures.
  2. With 'ramping' mobility, she becomes far more flexible as she levels.
  3. She is particularly effective against several small creatures, as opposed to one massive threat. 


Grimgaunt Predator

Frostmaiden and Predator have a pretty amicable relationship, Frostmaiden leaves a food trail for him, and Predator is on a eternal quest to chase up to her. On a more serious note, while Byzerak Frostmaiden may not murder those that she moves infront of, Predator is more than happy to snap free food.

Frostfang Maiden

Helps Frostmaiden to kill creatures, or alternatively, gain the attack boost while killing a creature, and then hitting the guy in the face. It also helps that this maiden doesn't have to be levelled to remain relevant, so they go hand in hand.

Cull The Weak

Besides having many targets in the current metagame, Frostmaiden can often stop this from being a dead play and turn this to a much more reliable removal. Tasty.

Group Meal

Doubling Frostmaiden's effect sound good to you? Yeah, I thought so. Also a spell that doesn't scale amazingly, but its effect at level one is already potent and doesn't need to be levelled.

Example Decklist

Frozen Mobility


2x  Group Meal 
2x  Cull the Weak 

3x  Burnout


I hope you enjoyed the four rendition of the SCA, we'll see you next week for SCA #5 and 6!

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