Saturday, 25 October 2014

Specific Card Analysis #5 (Rage Of Kadras)

In the fifth edition of the SCA and by extremely popular demand, we'll be looking at Rage Of Kadras, a Legendary spell released recently in the Secrets of Solis:Unveiled mini-set.

Rage of Kadras functions as removal in decks that consist mainly of Tempys creatures, and does not need to be levelled to maintain relevancy. As the card is extremely dependant on the current board, its range of effectiveness ranges from blow-out to deader than a player hit by a Cercee 4.

Other notable qualities of Rage of Kadras include:

  1. The card scales better with your creatures as opposed to with levels, lending itself to be a stellar underdrop.
  2. Mobility works extremely well with it as it allows you to choose what to remove.
  3. The very existence of this card give Tempys creatures 'Yeti Syndrome', where it is usually in your opponents' best interest to not block your inactive creatures.


Frostmane Dragon

Frostmane Dragon works well with Rage of Kadras for the simple reason that Mobility 2 makes it extremely flexible. Dealing 6 damage in PL1, outright destroying many priority/ utility targets that Frostmane Dragon otherwise could not in a single combat step. also, shenanigans with the Egg is a thing, which may lead to eggcellent blowouts (and more bad puns).

Ashurian Flamesculptor 

What's better than wiping your opponent's board? Doing it for free for sweet sweet value. Flamesculptor (and to some extent, Master of Elements) takes advantage of Rage's underdrop qualities to its fullest, and the fact that it's Consistent is just icing on the cake.

Flamebreak Invoker

Mr. Tuning Fork just adds a little more oomph to your Rages, often picking off stragglers that you can't kill with Rage. Also, as a high priority target himself, he'll often be blocked in an attempt to quickly dispose of him, often inducing rage in your opponent when you Rage it away.

Stormforged Avatar

Huge body with scaling mobility makes for a wonderful user of Rage of Kadras. Notably, it kills an clean Thundersuar on level with a on level Rage without taking damage. Inclusion of this in your deck however, essentially demands you to be Mono Tempys and makes you doubly vulnerable to Aetherphage.

Rageborn Hellion

Coincidental names aside, Rageborn Hellion demands your creatures to be blocked, and Rage of Kadras goes on its knees and proposes to Hellion. The two then raised a family of 3 and went on a never-ending quest to cause hat throws. However, Hellion's low base attack can cause awkwardness, but devastating when it gets going.

Example Decklist


3x  Rage of Kadras 
3x  Static Shock 
3x  Burnout 


Next up, the other SCA for this week is Contagion Lord, thanks for reading this iteration of the SCA and I hope you enjoyed.

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