Saturday 25 October 2014

Specific Card Analysis #6 (Contagion Lord)

For the second SCA this week, we'll be looking at Contagion Lord, the Abomination 'lord' released in Set 3.

Contagion Lord is an interesting card in that with both an extremely potent ability, and yet above average stats, why is it then that he isn't popular? The simple answer is this guy. This absolute disgusting abominable fiend. (Call me the Bad Pun-isher)

At first glance, he doesn't seem half bad with Contagion Lord, its a FREE half-Epidemic of sorts, and can help make crucial trades across the board. However, what happens when you have no active Contagion Lord (Even more so in this case as Contagion Lord's ability is an Activate)? You have a dead card, taking up your both your hand and deck, with lacklustre stats even when levelled.

That aside, other things to note:

  1. The free play off the Activate can be used to play any card, not just abominations.
  2. It is possible to consider using the Lord as way to level Abominations for 'free'.
  3. Contagion Lord can stab itself in the gut when its severely wounded, or as a way to start a turn with 3 plays.


Xithian Direhound

Giving something -5/-5 for free is pretty good. No really. Also, shenanigans with Shallow Grave is a thing. Unleash the Direhounds!

Tomb Pillager

Quite literally takes your Contagion Fiends and tosses them out into the trash, which makes your deck have some semblance of consistency, which the card happens to be as well.


Contagion Lord turns Fleshreaver into a free underlevelled removal, and get past its bland level one by 'levelling' it with the Activate. Also has consistent, which is a nice plus, although it does end up being lacklustre when there is nothing to kill.

Ghox, Metamind Paragon

And by extension, Ironmind Acolyte and Sorrow Harvester as well. Grants you more options in your hand, which means less Contagion Fiend and more actual stuff. Also a high priority target, so your opponent has to decide between this and Contagion Lord.

Dr. Frakenbaum

Slowly whittles down your opponent as you get more free plays, although its weak body often lets it down. Given, you can bypass the extremely small level one body with Contagion Lord. It truly shines in long games, as you can use this as a slow, but reliable win condition.

Example Decklist


2x  Energy Surge 

2x  Shallow Grave


And that concludes this week's SCA(s)! I hope you have enjoyed, and do leave your vote for next week SCAs at the side.