Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #11 (Brimstone Tyrant)

He who rules over the Tempys volcanoes, and he demands tribute. Brimstone Tyrant, in the eleventh SCA.

Brimstone Tyrant is an odd fellow in Tempys, being the only Upgrade card outside of Alloyin, bringing a Firestorm-esqe effect if you are to tribute a creature to it, this is most effectively accomplished by either sacrificing a creature that has little worth (often a 'token') or a creature that would die to the Firestorm that the Tyrant brings anyway.

With an odd stat progression of 6/6 (solid) to a 9/9 (below average) and then a 16/16 (pretty solid) and an powerful trigger even at level one, Brimstone Tyrant is a utility card that can serve both as an underdrop and is still potent when levelled.

Its ability can benefit creatures that want to take damage and decks which otherwise lack tools to pull back a losing board state, where Brimstone Tyrant can swoop in and flip the board on its head, pulling you back into the game.


Dozer, The Dormant

Obvious synergy here. Bears do not take kindly to being singed by magma, especially sleeping ones, and will attack enemies on sight. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for your opponent) Brimstone Tyrant is a big enough of a jerk to throw magma at bears. (Someone call PETA.)

Frostmane Dragon

Between both the Frostmane Egg providing fodder for Upgrade and wounded Dragons can let you 'choose' where your Tyrant goes due to its mobility, the synergy is beautiful.

Brightsteel Sentinel

Not as tribute to Tyrant, but for protect the rest of your Robots from the residual damage from it (Even the art shows this!), while its use is limited only to Robots and A/T often doesn't have amazing ways to activate Tyrant, it can be potent.

Kitaru Sprite

How does a Kitfinite number of tributes sound to you? With it essentially replacing itself every time it gets sacrificed, and being able to 'heal' off damage every time its replaced. Kit is awesome.

Example Decklist

3x Frostmane Dragon
3x Dozer, The Dormant
3x Thundersaur
3x Soothsayer Hermit
3x Master of Elements
3x Brimstone Tyrant
3x Static Shock
2x Burnout
2x Lysian Shard
2x Ferocious Roar


Coming up, Wegu, the Ancient!

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