Thursday, 13 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #9 (Palladium Simulacrum)

SCA editionem nono , nos at Palladium Simulacrum. Oh wait, wrong language, back to English.

Simulacrum is a fairly unique card in that it is the only 'grow-wide' card in Alloyin (bar Esperian Scarab, but that's Allied Uterra), but at the same time has an center-lane restriction, also unique to Alloyin.

He becomes irrelevant if not levelled however, and his random nature can make him harder to predict with than other token generators, but he can keep making additional copies of himself by moving into the centre lane. As such, he functions solely as a win conditon.


Borean Windweaver

Giving your creatures Mobility is good. Giving a creature that duplicates itself if it can move is even better. Helps elevate the awkward scenario when Simulacrum 2 ends up in a side lane as well. Extreme synergy.

Tarsus Deathweaver

Makes even the lacklustre Simulacrum level one a workable 6/4, and turns on level Simulacrum to monstrosities (12/8, 22/14), Tarsus Deathweaver can bring the pain, however it lacks synergies with many cards in Alloyin.

Brimstone Tyrant

The leftover Palladium Simulacrum often sit around, making unfavourable trades, but this guy can flip board states on their heads in an instant, but its Upgrade requirement is often hard to fulfil easily in A/T, and Palladium Simulacrum elevates that to a degree.

Nexus Aeronaut

Nevermind his constipated face, (Did Justin Gary barge into the toilet to snap a picture of his brother?) his attack boost can be sweet in helping your Simulacrum(s?) trade up with several creatures. But wait, isn't it illogical to have two centre lane creatures? Ah, but Aeronaut is perfectly happy to remain in its parking lots lane 2&4, waiting to swing into the centre.

Oreian Scavenger

Same deal with Upgrade. With how expendable a singular Palladium Simulacrum is, Getting your buffed up Battledroid is a piece of cake. Better pair with Uterra due to buffs, however.

Example Decklist

Note: Forgebattles has not updated with the new cards yet, so this will look different from usual.

3x Borean Windweaver
3x Nexus Aeronaut
3x Palladium Simulacrum
3x Oratek Battlebrand
3x Burnout
3x Flamebreak Invoker
3x Static Shock
3x Master of Elements
2x Brimstone Tyrant
2x Oratek Explosives
2x Oreian Scavenger


We hope you enjoyed reading this belated edition of the SCA, and look at the next one for this week, Mimicwurm.

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  1. The observations about Nexus Aeronaut's card art are correct