Saturday, 8 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #HYPE (Lavafused Asir)

Today we talk about.. Wait. Who are you? I've never seen you around here before..

But enough with the theatrics, I'm pretty sure you'll prefer a card as opposed to my little line of text here. Behold, Lavafused Asir!

There are several nuances of the card to take note of, firstly, its effect is simply conditional, as opposed to a temporary buff, and also takes effect immediately. This means it requires next to no set-up for unbridled face smashing and incremental value from it, that's a huge plus for the card.

In terms of stats, it does look extremely underwhelming with its small body of 3/6, 6/12, 9/18. However, it is of note that its text also means that it can get its own buff, leaving it at a much more notable body of 6/6, 12/12, 18/18. A utility creature that gets stronger when unblocked is very promising indeed.

Also, Its a Fire Asir. Really SBE? Another Tempys creature and its obviously a Fire Asir. If I got a penny for every Fire Asir in the game..


Rage of Kadras

'But you don't get the attack boost for blocked creatures!' I hear you say, however, the beauty of it is that you clear their board with Rage (gets even more obscene with Ashurian Flamesculptor) and then hit them for extra damage, providing reach so you can reach a stage where you can burn them out with spells.

Zyx, Storm Herald

Boxes people in the face twice. Seriously, its that simple. A more notable feature of Zyx is that Mobility makes it much more likely to use Lavafused Asir ability. Sweet synergy all around. (Note: This also goes for Iztek Flame form).

Borean Windweaver

Remember how I said Mobility allowed you to make use of Lavafused Asir? Windweaver gives ALL of your guys Mobility, lending these two as a powerful combination, fuelling whatever aggressive gameplan you have.

(Note: This card is a Set 4 spoiler spoiled by Foxhull on the main site.)

Frostmane Dragon

Again, Mobility 2 allows it move around and hit you in the face more, also has a relatively high amount of health, so it sometimes can hit your opponent twice. Also, 3/6 eggs protect them from the fearsome Darkfrost Reaper (/sarcasm).


This yeti likes hitting people in the face. Lavafused Asir likes your creatures hitting them in the face. Beautiful.

Deck Ideas

Now, since we have never seen this card in action and we don't know all the Set 4 cards, instead of throwing a deck list at you and then bidding you adieu, I'm going to talk the kinds of decks that Lavafused Asir can fit into.

As discussed with Rage of Kadras under synergies, Asir could fit into a burn deck to provide additional reach, allowing you burn them out quicker. However, its low attack when blocking make itself a less than ideal user of Rage.

A deck with an aggressive AT deck with cards such Zyx, Storm Herald, Oratek Explosives and Korok, Khan of Kadras is also a feasible idea, as Lavafused Asir also applies to all creatures, not just Tempys ones. Hence, if you can wrestle board control and have a Nexus Areonaut in play, your opponent is in for a world of hurt.


I hope you're hyped for Set 4 as much as I am (POISOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!), and more importantly I hope you enjoyed reading as always ;3

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