Tuesday 25 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #14 (Soothsayer Hermit)

In the fourteenth edition of the SCA, we go over what might just be one of the most delightful cards introduced in Imprisoned Heralds.

There have been many cards introduced in Solforge over the course of its history that improve your deck's consistency, whether through just simple big dudes like Ebonskull Knight, card draw with Ghox, Metamind Paragon, or the 'bound' cycle that are powerful under-levelled cards that can only be played to any effect off-level.

Soothsayer Hermit does increase your deck's consistency as well, but in an extremely unique way, allowing you to dig through your discard pile to find an appropriate card for the turn, effectively increasing the size of your hand to your discard pile. Also it can be used to pull back a card that you had to pass because of the board state, but want to level, this is your man. All that coupled with a decent body make him an all-around solid utility card that is definitely a consideration for every Uterra deck.


Forge Guardian Delta

So you're living the dream and managed to put a Forge Guardian Omega into your discard pile, a shame you have to wait until the next player level to see it eh? I pose to you this. Why wait? Pull that baby and put a level two Omega into your deck and slam that 20/20 hunk onto the board. Live the dream indeed.

Ashurian Flamesculptor

Have a Rage of Kadras in hand but no Flamesculptor? Grab it. Have a Flamesculptor but no Tempys spells? Grab it. Makes your Flamesculptors whiff a lot less often, also applies to Master of Elements, letting you play any appropriate spell, as opposed to only Tempys ones.

Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant

The timing of Glaceus is important to be even the slightest bit relevant, and Hermit increases the reliability of you pulling that off, which can completely turn the board on its head as your opponent's creatures have effectively turned into shiny blocks of ice. Note that this also goes for the other 'rank-up' effects.

Howl of Xith

The fact the cycle of cards Howl is involved in do not disappear (unlike Overload cards) and do not level, any level of Hermit can keep pulling back Howls as necessary, meaning that your opponent might die a swift and painful death if the game goes on for long enough.

Xrath's Will

Xrath's Will is the kind of card that provide innate 2-for-1s, but is dependant on the board state to even be playable. With Hermit, you can pull it at an available opportunity, and reap value. Also, you can also pull an appropriate Zombie from your discard if you lack it but have the Will.

Example Decklist 

Note: There are so many successful decklists that include Soothsayer that's its practically impossible for me to point to THE Hermit deck. Therefore, I present you, Thar' Be Omegas.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this week's two SCAs! (Managed to keep on schedule this week). As always, remember to vote by the side, and leave feedback on what you think of the inclusion of the card image at the start of analysis in comments below if you're willing.

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