Tuesday 25 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #13 (Saberfang)

Here kitty kitty kitty.. In the unluckiest edition of the SCA yet, we look at this utterly adorable kitty that won't hesitate to gouge your opponent's eyes out.

Saberfang is easily a very very odd card, barely scaling in stats and its effect remains the same at every level, and its one health means its double swing doesn't come into play when attacking creatures, as it would likely die in the first swing.

But then we need to consider its combo potential. Being able to immediately hit your opponent is a big plus, and being able to do that twice is an even bigger plus. It seems to best serve as a combo piece, not needing to be levelled at all to provide minute amounts of reach alone, or a lot more with other cards, to sometimes devastating effects.

Besides, its a kitty, what's not to like?


Oratek Explosives

Dealing 7 damage to two creatures (or 14 to one creature is possible too I guess) without needing any preparation in terms of board and then leaving a 7/1 can be said to be pretty sweet. You do however, level two sub-par cards in order to do so. It is of note that you can do this at any point of the game, and can increase the damage through other buffs, such as Nexus Aeronaut.

Weirwood Patriach

It does pump on-level Saberfangs at each level, making the kitty less likely to die to a sneeze and increases the direct damage it can cause. Most effective with a levelled Patriarch and under-levelled Saberfang however.

Lavafused Asir

The fact that you are most likely open-laning your Saberfangs, and that its effectiveness is still almost the same under-levelled, this can really bring a solid amount of burst. Also increases the damage of things like Oratek Explosives, which is a plus.

Scythe of Chiron

It is amusing to see a 18/1 kitten smashing your opponent's face twice. Might not be the most viable thing ever, but it is definitely amusing.

Lysian Shard

Kitty big. Kitty angry. Kitty smash. No really, its that simple.

Example Decklist


2x  Staff of Vaerus 
3x  Burnout 

2x  Lysian Shard

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