Thursday 20 November 2014

Specific Card Analysis #12 (Wegu, The Ancient)

[Insert Wagyu joke here]. In the twelfth SCA, we go over everyone's favourite/hated tree, Wegu, the Ancient.

There are cards that you can put into decks without much secondary investment such as Oros, Deepwood's Chosen, and cards which demand that you build around them, such as Drix, the Mindwelder. Wegu is very firmly rooted (hah.) in the latter category, demanding that you build your entire deck around it, which is to gain life, and then some.

Wegu can also win a game out of nowhere, due to its sheer size, Breakthrough, can't get Defender AND can still grow post activation. However, Even later levels of Wegu might be dangerous to put down if you can't make it large in the same turn, not to mention hard removal leaves (hah.) Wegu players sobbing, as they usually invest so much in Wegu that if you 1 for 1 them every time, you usually win as they are only left with sub-par lifegain cards.

That said, Wegu is still a powerful win condition that can end the game in very few turns, demanding an answer at every point in the game.


Oros, Deepwood's Chosen

A sizeable body that demands an answer with Lifelink  and Breakthrough, your opponent has to choose between dealing with this and a growing Wegu. Also, if you drop the Wegu a turn after you play Oros, you still have another action to either pump Oros and make a bigger Wegu, or gain more life.

Scythe of Chiron

Whenever you need to make your tree ever slightly more angry, this is your card. Also, combos really well with Oros, as the extra attack often translates into a big Wegu.


Protects your Wegu from the nasty burn spells because as we all know, trees are flammable. Wegu is a tree. Its that simple. Also, you probably don't want your biggest condition to die that easily.

Druid's Chant

Druid's Chant on a SCA?! I don't even..  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Seyfert's Amazing And Totally Competitive Wegu Deck

3x Wegu, The Ancient
3x Heart Tree
3x Gemheart Sprout
3x Druid's Chant
3x Sigmund Fraud
3x Tuskin Groovekeeper
3x Vyrics Embrace
3x Oros, Deepwood's Chosen
3x Glowstride Stag
3x Weirwood Mossbeard Patriach (Kababesh was here!)

Disclaimer: All complaints should be directed to Seyfert. Eon does not take responsibility for anything.


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed (as always), this week's poll features Set 4 Heroics, do remember to vote!


  1. The deck is bad and Seyfert should feel bad for creating it.

    1. Indeed. An actual Wegu list is pretty regular though, so it shouldn't be that hard to find.

  2. Heck that deck doesn't look too bad. Wegu doesn't need a ton of support to be nuts. It will just be a little more miss than hit than usual.